Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taylor's first football game!!

Taylor had is first football game saturday where he played both defense and offense. His number is 44 (a number he picked!) and is both a defensive and offensive end. He had 4 solo tackles, 2 sacs, 4 group tackles and a 25 yard run on a sweep. Although he played well they ended up losing 36 to 14. They have 8 more games until their tournament and we are excited to see his team improve. Most have never played before...and Taylor loved

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Be happy for this moment...this moment is your life

With Nate's first school year behind us we can celebrate! The summer is here and should be a time to relax...but it seems as hectic as ever. Even with the school year over Nate still runs around looking for things to do so I put him to work fixing furniture and painting stuff (honey dos). He needs the break though as much as he hates to admit it. He loves his job which includes teaching biology, chemistry and AP Biology at Karl G Maeser Preparatory Academy. He also coaches the girls volleyball team. the boys and girls golf team as well as the basketball team. The girls volleyball took first place in their division! All this work did not go unrecognized however...he received TEACHER OF THE YEAR!! A prestigious award considering this was his first year of teaching. He also was accepted to BYU's Administration and Educational Leadership program which he starts this summer. So we are trying to get in as much vacation time before he disappears into the library. Taylor just finished his first year in baseball (machine pitch) where he was the team MVP and got the most doubles in a game! Their team went into the championship where they were beat in the final game. Chase starts kindergarten and is really excited. We couldn't imagine life without his crazy funny and quirky personality! Go Chasers! Baby Mariah isn't a baby anymore. She now is referred to lovingly as "the rizz" and if you know her she lives up to it with her sassy attitude and cute smile. My stress relief comes from running where Nate and I are planning to run the St George marathon this October. Something I am not sure either of us can do. Nate ran the Provo Marathon last year where he took second place but this year will be a formidable challenge. Things have really changed for us the past few years and now we are setting our roots. Nate is doing well with his health and we plan on living life to the fullest! We love our little family they truly make everyday enjoyable!